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schedule7th Aug 23

We are thrilled to announce our newest partner: Bambu Lab, the groundbreaking manufacturer of superfast desktop 3D printers.

Bambu Lab's printers are a testament to the power of innovative technology in overcoming traditional manufacturing hurdles. They incorporate precision integration of LiDAR, multi-colour printing with blending capabilities, and a mobile app for seamless remote print management. Known as much for their speed as their precision, Bambu Lab's printers represent the cutting edge of 3D printing technology.
This collaboration ushers in a new era in our journey to bring next-level technologies to our clientele. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to Bambu Lab and the transformative possibilities this partnership brings.

Introducing the Cutting-Edge X1-Carbon

Bambu Lab's flagship printer is the X1-Carbon, a game-changer in the realm of desktop 3D printing. Garnering widespread acclaim for its innovative approach to desktop manufacturing, the X1-Carbon has even been featured by Time Magazine as one of the best inventions of 2022. Meanwhile, Bambu Lab's P1P model has earned extensive praise for its ability to produce highly detailed prints at impressive speed - and all at a competitive price.

The X1-Carbon excels in various areas:

  • High-Speed Printing: Capable of printing at speeds of up to 500mm/s, the X1-Carbon delivers remarkable print times without sacrificing quality. This is made possible by cutting-edge hardware such as a lightweight carbon rail, a welded steel XY chassis, a robust 12-watt cooling fan, and a 40-watt ceramic heater, as well as exceptional software that optimises the whole process.
  • Precise Calibration and Inspection: The X1-Carbon's micro-LiDAR scanner quickly calibrates the print bed, confirms line consistency, and inspects the first layer of prints in a matter of seconds, ensuring exceptional precision.
  • Versatility and Material Compatibility: The X1-Carbon's full-metal hot end can withstand temperatures up to 300°C, enabling printing with a range of materials including PC, PA, and CF-filled PA. Accommodating four filament rolls, it allows blending of up to 16 colours for vibrant, multi-coloured prints.
  • Advanced Features: The X1-Carbon integrates an Active Vibration Compensation system to prevent warping and distortion during printing. Its built-in Health Management System (HMS) continually monitors the printer's functionality, ensuring smooth operation. Coupled with Bambu Handy mobile app integration, it provides convenient remote print management and live-feed video monitoring.


The P1P

Alongside the X1-Carbon, Additive-X also offer the P1P - Bambu Lab's highly upgradeable, ultra-speed printer designed for production of exceptional-quality parts at a more affordable price point. Equipped with features such as automatic bed levelling, filament run-out detection, and remote control via mobile app, the P1P delivers both speed and precision. Even without all the advanced features of the X1-Carbon, the P1P would be a welcome addition to any desktop workshop. For this price point (£549 incl VAT), few printers come close to the P1P's speed and precision.

Bambu Lab P1P | Your one of a kind 3D printer - Bambu Lab


Ludicrously Short Print Times

Bambu Lab printers are renowned for their speed. Capable of print speeds up to 500mm/s, both the X1-Carbon and the P1P can produce high-quality parts within minutes. This is facilitated by superior hardware design, including the CoreXY system, lightweight printheads, and Bambu Studio software optimisation. Their CoreXY motion system employs two synchronised motors for precise, high-speed printhead motion. Compared to traditional Cartesian printers, the CoreXY configuration keeps the motors stationary, reducing vibrations and allowing for stable, artefact-free prints. The CoreXY printers, such as the P1P and X1-Carbon, are an optimal choice for your desktop workshop with their speed, accuracy, and space efficiency. The combination of speed, accuracy, and space efficiency makes printers like the P1P and the X1-Carbon excellent choices for your desktop workshop.

Bambu Studio Slicer and Workflow Advantages

The in-built software in Bambu's printers enhances your workflow. The Bambu Studio, derived from PrusaSlicer, serves as user-friendly slicer software for the X1-Carbon and P1P. Featuring tools such as Multi-Plate Support, Assembly/Part View, and Project Resource Manager, Bambu Studio enables remote management of your Bambu printers. This intuitive slicing software transforms your 3D models into printable files swiftly. The printers' software-driven vibration reduction system optimises print speed whilst maintaining print quality, with key advantages including smart cooling based on filament-specific parameters, auto slow-down for overhanging walls, and smooth tool-head travel with Arch Move. Software and hardware work hand-in-hand to deliver exceptional speed for the P1P and the X1-Carbon.

The Future of Desktop Printing is Here

Our partnership with Bambu Lab unlocks a range of workflow advantages through the P1P and the X1-Carbon series printers:

  • Exceptional Speed: Both the X1-Carbon and the P1P cant print at speeds up to 500mm/s without compromising on quality.
  • Automated Optimization: Automated bed levelling with dual redundancy, featured on both the P1P and the X1-Carbon eliminates the need for manual adjustments, improving print quality and reliability.
  • Enhanced Print Quality: The printer's extrusion calibration and active vibration compensation reduce vibrations during printing, leading to smoother prints with fewer imperfections.
  • Versatile Material Compatibility: The Automatic Material System is compatible with both the P1P and the X1-Carbon, allowing the use of multiple materials in a single print.
  • Colour and Filament Flexibility: The X1-Carbon and the P1P can hold four filament rolls, enabling blending of up to 16 colours for creative and colourful prints.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: The printers can be equipped with a 1080p camera (which comes integrated with the X1-Carbon - an optional extra for the P1P) and AI recognition capabilities, allowing for real-time monitoring of the printing process via the Bambu Studio slicer or the Bambu Handy mobile app.

Bambu Lab's P1P and X1-Carbon 3D printers redefine the standards of desktop printing. They're fast, precise, and packed with features designed to make printing easier and more efficient. The X1-Carbon is a top-tier model with advanced capabilities, whilst the P1P provides excellent print quality at an affordable price. The included Bambu Studio software streamlines your workflow and maximises efficiency. At Additive-X, we're proud to stock these remarkable printers from Bambu Lab. They're not just another addition to our catalogue; they're a testament to our commitment to providing the best in 3D printing technology to our customers

About Bambu Lab

Bambu Lab is a consumer tech company pushing the boundaries of 3D printing. Their team of engineers and experts in fields such as robotics, AI, materials science, and web issues are working hard to redefine the limits of 3D printing technology. Their portfolio encompasses a wide range of products: including printers, filaments, components, maintenance accessories, and software. Bambu Lab's commitment to technical innovation, manufacturing excellence, and sustainability echoes our own ethos and values.
Explore Bambu Lab's printers in our selection and experience their exceptional technology in person.
To learn more about Bambu Lab and their products, contact us at 01765 694 007, or email [email protected].

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To learn more about Bambu Lab, call us on 01765 694 007 or email [email protected].

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