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Additive-X uses the latest 3D printing technology to provide solutions for prototyping through to production. We specialise in helping organisations identify opportunities for additive manufacturing, build business cases and implement solutions to help clients achieve their objectives.

Not only do we sell 3D printers from a wide range of manufacturers, but we also provide training, 3D Printing on demand, repairs, supplies and more. Come see us at our showroom and find out why there is so much buzz about 3D Printing.

To get in touch, contact us at 01765 694 007 or email [email protected]

Manufacturing Solutions: From Prototyping Through To Production

We can help your organisation at all stages of the manufacturing process, from design to prototyping and then onwards to tooling, production and finally replacement parts.

3D printing removes the need for outsourcing during product development and allows for designs to be tested, amended and re-tested within days rather than weeks. This turnaround time allows for customisation of products, if desired, and the materials available can produce parts stronger than machined aluminium with a finish suitable for final, end-use purposes.

If you’d like to discuss how your organisation can take advantage of 3D printing, we offer free consultations with one of our experts. Contact us or visit our website to find out more.

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"On behalf of all the members of Woodhall Products Graphic department, I wish to thank you for all the help and advice over the past few weeks regarding our new 3D printing equipment."

Woodhall Products Ltd.

"I am really pleased with your service, the time from placing the order to receiving the samples was fast, the customer service (phone and email) is great, and the quality of the build is super. It's great having a bureau service that is just like having a 3D printer in the office – with the difference being that you and your team know what you’re doing. I’m very happy with the service you and your team provide and will continue to order from you in the future."

New Product Design Engineer, Herga Technology Ltd

"Additive-X provided an excellent level of customer service! They went above and beyond the call of duty with what I would expect from a standard 3D printing agency or business. I would happily recommend them!"

Alex Reid


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